Astro kamera ZWO ASI 6200 MM Pro Mono


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mono CMOS, 61,1MP, D43,3mm, 3,76µm, USB3.0, softvér Čítať ďalej

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Kód tovaru: ASI6200MMPRO

Výrobca: ZWO


ASI 6200MM-P Professional Full Frame Size Mono CMOS Camera

The ZWO ASI6200MM Pro is a full-frame size camera for astrophotographers who expect top-class results. The sensor has a dynamic range similar to that of a CCD sensor, but with a much higher sensitivity. The camera can be used on all well corrected telescopes and with only 700 grams it is a real lightweight.

Full frame format and high resolution

The Sony IMX455 sensor offers true full frame format with 24x36 mm dimensions and a diagonal of 43.3 mm. With 3.76 µm pixels, even fine details, for example in galaxy arms, can be resolved. A gigantic field and high resolution - that´s what this camera with its 62-MP sensor offers.

Back illumination technology

Sony's back-illuminated CMOS image sensor improves sensitivity and noise reduction the key factors to enhancing image quality, while radically realigning their fundamental pixel structure from front-illumination to back-illumination. It has retained the advantages of CMOS image sensors such as low power consumption and high-speed operation.

The backside exposure improves the light absorption and increases the amount of light at the same time. This allows significantly shorter exposure times and leads to an improved quantum efficiency of up to 91% - maximum of astromomical CMOS cameras.

Sony has newly developed a unique photo-diode structure and on-chip lens optimized for back-illuminated structures, that achieves a higher sensitivity and a lower random noise without light by reducing noise, dark current and defect pixels compared to the conventional front-illuminated structure.

Zero amp glow

Traditional CMOS sensors produce a weak infrared light source during operation quite often seen in the corner of uncalibrated images as the tell tale signs of 'amp glow'. As the ASI6200MM Pro uses zero amp glow circuitry, you won't have to worry about amp glow even when using high gain, long exposure imaging.

Anti-dew heater integrated

The ASI6200 Pro comes with the polyimide heater that can avoid any dew problems.
The anti-dew heater, which fits completely onto the protective window, heats it up slightly to prevent condensation problems.
The power of the anti-dew heater is approx. 5 W. It can be turned off in the software to save power.

Important: external power supply required!

This camera requires 1 amp even in uncooled operation, which is a problem for USB sockets on computers, because they are only rated for 900 mA (0.9 A). Stable operation of the camera is therefore only possible with an external 12 V power supply.

Possible configurations for a working distance of 55 mm

There are several possibilities to combine the ASI6200 with a filter changing system and/or off-axis guider. A detailed description of the different variants can be found in this PDF file: ASI6200 Configurations

Optimal support by Teleskop-Service before and after purchase:

We work with the cameras ourselves and can offer you optimal advice. Which camera matches your telescope, how do you achieve optimal adaptation? Teleskop-Service is one of the biggest ZWO dealers. Due to our contacts, we offer best possible service also after purchase.

Practical tip 1 from TS: Integration of 2" filters, 360° rotation and quick coupling
The camera is often used on correctors that do not have a filter thread. In addition, the filters should always be used as close as possible to the camera. Here we offer you a solution that can do much more.

♦ 2" filter holder directly in front of the camera
♦ 360° rotation for the right choice of the image section
♦ Quick release - you can remove the camera from the telescope at any time, without screws and thus entangling the cables

The adaptation is very simple, the 21mm adaptation from M54 to M48 is replaced by:

♦ TSM54a-m48i, TSROTM48-M48 and M48AbstimmA05

The adapter TSM54a-M48i is screwed into the camera. Then the rotator TSRot... Between the M48-M48 adapter with 16.5 mm length, which is included in the delivery, comes the 0.5 mm tuning ring and you are already in the right distance with the camera.

Practical tip 2 from TS: Storage of cameras and accessories
Especially in our latitudes, the nights are often very humid. This humidity condenses on your camera, eyepiece or filter when they come into the warm interior of the apartment. Especially cooled cameras are affected by this. Quickly a photo session is over because the sensor ices up.

Good storage is an important prevention against dew and also extends the life span.

After use, put the camera immediately into the TS Protect Case and add some silica gel. During storage, the silica gel will suck the moisture out of the camera. At the same time, the penetration of humid room air is prevented. Dry storage even allows the small dry tablets in cooled cameras to partially regenerate. Your camera or accessories are always ready for you in optimal condition. You can find the silica gel and the case in our product recommendations.

Downloads, drivers:
ZW Optical supplies software and drivers online for free download.

Software and drivers for all ZWO cameras

Frequently Asked Questions about ZWO cameras:
The FAQ section is constantly updated by ZWO, here you can find the answers to many questions.

FAQ about ZWO cameras

ZWO Users Forum

Manuals for ZWO products:
The manuals page is constantly updated by ZWO, here you can find user guides for ZWO products.

Link to the manuals

How to clean my ZWO camera:
The manufacturer provides a manual that covers how to clean an ASI camera and regenerate the desiccant tablets: Please click here.

Astrophotographic results obtained with this camera on Astrobin
Here you can find some astrophotographs made with this camera model: Link to Astrobin

Technické údaje

Kategória: Astro kamery
Typ snímača: Monochromatický
Hlavné využitie: Deep-sky objekty
Snímač - diagonála: 43,3 mm
Rozlíšenie snímača: 61,1 MP
Veľkosť pixelu: < 4 µm
Bitová hĺbka (ADC): 16 bit
Aktívne chladenie: Áno
IR-cut filter: Nie

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Astro kamera ZWO ASI 6200 MM Pro Mono
Astro kamera ZWO ASI 6200 MM Pro Mono

4990 €

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